Mozart Crystal

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Blumenau is one of the largest cities in Santa Catarina, founded in 1850 by German settlers and has an ancient industrial tradition. In the 1950s, the Hering family brought the German artist Karl Strauss and founded Cristais Hering. Following that, several other Crystal factories were founded in the city. Today, there is a large number of professionals in the field who have as their craft and occupation the art of making handmade blown crystal. This product is made trought an exclusively handmade process, from mixing of raw material, casting the mixture, blowing, cutting and finally polishing it. In the early 2018, Gabriel Vidigal and a group of business investors founded Mozart Fábrica de Cristais Ltda. As the first act of the company, Frederico Strauss (former owner and founder of the former Cristallerie Strauss) was hired to be the head artist and to assemble the production of the purest crystal, 24% PbO, and the Color Crystal (Overlay), unique products that made his former factory a national and worldwide reference. Frederico Strauss studied Chemical Engineering and holds a master's degree in inorganic chemistry in Germany, being a national reference, the only holder of techniques and processes that make Mozart Crystals a reference of quality and purity since the beginning of its production. In October of 2018, we became the manufacturer of the Official Oktoberfest Blumenau mug wich is used by the city's mayor and the Queen of the party to inaugurate the celebrations at the opening of the first barrel of beer. In February OF 2019... we’ve also became the official manufacturers of the Trophies’s from the Brazilian Beer Contest, the 3rd largest beer contest in the world in number of participants.